Why Steel Conservatories Is Becoming More Popular

When most people think of Traditional Conservatories they think of those woodsy country homes and retreats. A Traditional Conservatory has been around for many decades and many are living in them, but the term really refers to any type of conservatory that is larger than one hundred and fifty square feet. Many companies will not purchase homes built with a conservatory as part of the master plan, as they would be forced to include some kind of insulation in the future.

Traditional Conservatories have changed a lot over the years. When we used to get home made conservatories we knew exactly what we were getting, a glass-enclosed box that we could close and feel like we were inside a cocoon. Most of us loved this idea. We wanted to feel as comfortable as possible and didn’t care if we had to go without outside light all year round Wooden Conservatories.

Not too long ago I had a conversation with a friend about the change from glass to steel in conservatories. She was telling me about how she had bought a house that had traditional conservatories and it was a bit of a shock. She started looking at the regular windows which were wood and saw that they were made of glass, a real revelation.

Glass now looks very different to wood, glass is much thinner and will not look as natural and is not quite as strong. Nowadays you are forced to use shutters so your conservatory doesn’t have to look like a chimney by the window.

Steel in the Traditional Conservatories will also change in the future. You can buy conservatories which are built in and fitted with small louvers in the shutters so that the elements still have light filtering through and it doesn’t look like a chimney Traditional Conservatories.

Steel is much more popular these days as it is less flammable than wood. I’ve been told that the French consider wood too flammable but the actual French didn’t enjoy the idea of the wood as much.

The steel is much stronger and when you put windows in traditional conservatories you won’t find any problems. Of course it is still a good idea to put a thermometer in the conservatory to show you what temperature the air is inside at the time.

Glass conservatories will continue to be popular, but I think the future is going to be Steel. I can’t see them being replaced in the foreseeable future. They are much more stylish and will fit in with the modern conservatories.

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